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Andras_Ftoth.jpgAndrás F. Tóth started to work on the development of volunteerism in 1998 as Program Manager at the Nonprofit Information and Training Centre Foundation (NIOK). As Executive Director of ÖKA he launched several new initiatives, like the Act on Volunteerism, the Volunteer Centres Network, the volunteer management trainer pool, the IDEA long term volunteering project (ÖTLET) and the National Volunteer Strategy of Hungary. In the recent years he helped to create the corporate volunteering strategy of several companies and has been focusing on the development of pro bono culture in Hungary. He created the Pro Bono for Social Good conference and several pro bono programs in Hungary with companies like BlackRock, E.ON, GE and Mastercard. He is author of several articles on corporate volunteering, responsible business and pro bono development. He has been featured in HVG BUSINESS and FORBES. Since June 2015 he is Global Council member of the Global Pro Bono Network. He was member of the Board of Directors at the European Volunteer Centre (CEV) between 2006 and 2012. As appreciation to his efforts for the development of volunteer sector in Hungary he has been awarded with the Gold Cross of Merit of the Hungarian Republic in 2013.


Cristina Rigman, President of CEV. 

Cristina currently works as international trainer and consultant specialized in strategic planning, organizational development, network development, nonprofit governance, project management, volunteer management, monitoring and evaluation, needs analysis, data collection and analysis, and development of tailored evaluation tools.

Cristina has worked for 14 years in the volunteerism movement in Romania, acting as executive director of Pro Vobis – the National Resource Center for Volunteering in Romania and initiator and first president of the national umbrella for volunteer involving organizations in Romania (VOLUM Federation). She has been active in CEV network since 2005, serving two mandates on the Board before 2011 and was elected as President in 2015 for a 4 year term.

Cristina is trained as Political Scientist, combining the professional work with academic research as part of various scholarships and fellowships in EU and US. She currently serves as Secretary General of ChildPact – the Regional Coalition for Child Protection and is part of the trainers’ network for Erasmus+ managed by the Romanian National Agency.



Gabriella-pic (1).jpgGabriella Civico is from the UK but has lived for many years in Spain and Portugal. She has a degree in Social Policy and Education from Surrey University (UK) and a Masters in Education in E-learning from the University of Hull (UK). Her professional background is in business and the Youth NGO Sector where she has worked as an administrator and also as a trainer and expert. Through her work in the youth field she was involved in the campaign to establish 2011 as the European Year of Volunteering. Gabriella has volunteered since childhood in a variety of fields including Youth Advocacy, International Development, Disability, Environment, Immigration, Human Rights, Sports etc. She has worked closely with CEV since July 2010 in her role as Project Manager for the EYV2011 Alliance until the end of the project in March 2012  when she became CEV Director.


Navracsics_Tibor_PortraitTibor Navracsics was born in VeszprémHungary, 13 June 1966. He is a Hungarian lawyer and politician, who served as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade from June to September 2014. He previously served as Minister of Administration and Justice between 2010 and 2014. He is a member of the Fidesz and he is currently the European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport.



Carrie is Head of Social Action Innovation at Nesta, leading our work on social action and people-powered public services.

Carrie Deacon, Head of Social Action Innovation.

Carrie Deacon works at Nesta – a global innovation foundation, based in the UK that seeks to bring bold ideas to life to change the world for good.  She leads Nesta’s work around people power – that is putting people back at the heart of how our communities, public services and democracies work.  The work demonstrates what is possible by developing, funding and supporting new approaches that help people to shape the issues that matter to them, and create and enable social action for people to affect change.  To do this Nesta backs civil society organisations, public institutions and services in the UK to unlock the creativity, knowledge, time and skills of citizens, to address our biggest challenges and realise our greatest opportunities.  Through evidence, championing leading innovations and developing partnerships, Nesta seeks to foster a movement to change the status quo – normalising this as an organising principle.  Prior to joining Nesta, Carrie did a range of roles supporting the organisational development of civil society organisations, including with a range of trusts and foundations and at the UK’s National Council for Voluntary Organisations.  Carrie started off her career with a number of roles in think tanks and in UK government.   In her spare time Carrie volunteers in a number of roles, as an Advisory Board member for VIY, and a neighbour for Cocktails in Care Homes and the Good Gym.  Over the last year she has also done a number of micro-volunteering roles from training algorithms, building websites, sorting election data, to exhibiting in a community art trail.


lucas_meijsProf. Dr. Lucas Meijs is professor of “Strategic Philanthropy and volunteering” at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University in the Netherlands. He research focuses on issues related to Civil Society, volunteer/non-profit management and corporate community involvement. He has published in a variety of nonprofit, business and public policy journals, such as the Journal of Business EthicsNonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly and Youth & Society.  He has served for six years as the first non North-America editor of Nonprofit and voluntary Sector Quarterly, the premier journal in the field. He is board member of several Dutch nonprofit organizations. His has served for seven years as member of the Dutch Council on Social Issues, the official advisory body of the Dutch Government and in the national task force Volunteering Policy.



I am Ildikó Tóth, 34 years old, graduate in German and Russian language. I have started to work 2010 in the Youth in Action program as an EVS coordinator and mentor. I was working in an organization in Pécs as an EVS coordinator and mentor from 2010 until September 2016. I created several successful EVS projects in the past. Since 2010, I have dealt with more than 150 EVS volunteers during short and long-term projects also. During the summer of 2011,
I had the opportunity as mentor to travel to Tanzania with five Hungarian volunteers in the frame of an EVS project. Nowadays I regularly send Hungarian volunteers abroad. I also prepare them for the voluntary service. Beside EVS projects, I have also participated in several Youth Exchange projects in the past 8 years. I came back to Budapest in 2016, when I have joined to Budapest Bike Maffia as a volunteer, where I am taking part in different projects in my free time. In January 2017 returned to the youth work, not as an employee but as a volunteer EVS coordinator. I have prepared an EVS project for Budapest Bike Maffia. The project was approved by the Hungarian National Agency, so last year we had a 9 months EVS (Erasmus+) project in Bike Maffia with three volunteers – from Germany, Croatia and Finland. Every year I take part on international training seminar organized for youth workers in different countries of Europe. I think, these are good opportunities to meet other youth workers in person, and change the experiences, and so create new, innovative projects in the field of voluntary work in Europe. In my daily life, I am working at The British International School in Budapest, where I have the possibility as well to organize Bike Maffia projects with the kids and with their teachers. As an employee of The British International School and volunteer coordinator of Budapest Bike Maffia, I believe in the youth, in the youth work, in the huge possibilities of the international voluntary services. It is always a great pleasure for me to be in an international environment, where I have the possibility to speak about everything, I believe in and work for.



brozmanovaAlžbeta Brozmanová Gregorová is a senior lecturer at the Social Work Department of the Faculty of Education at Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. Since 2017, she works as a vice-dean for international cooperation and public relations. In her scientific, educational work and publication activities, she is focusing primarily on the topic of volunteering, service-learning, NGO sector in Slovak conditions, project management, youth, and social work. She is the author of several publications, research studies, and articles in these areas. In her research and publication activity, she interconnects knowledge and skills gained through theoretical study, empirical research, and real knowledge of practice within the youth work and volunteering in Slovakia. She acted as a coordinator and a person responsible for implementation of several national and international research and educational projects. Since 2013, she is the coordinator of the service-learning strategy at Matej Bel University. She was a part of the preparation of several strategic and legislative documents in volunteering (Act on Volunteering, the Program for the Support of Volunteering and Volunteer Centers; Youth Strategy). Since 2002 until 2018, she was manager of the regional volunteer center, and since 2011, she is the vice-president of the Platform of Volunteer Centers and Organizations in Slovakia. She is the author and co-author of 13 publications, more than 40 scientific articles, and 35 other publication activities. She acts also as a trainer, a project evaluator, a facilitator and a supervisor.


Tamara Fabac_photoTamara Fabac, 32 years old, a graduate in pedagogy. Program assistant and trainer in the Association for Civil Society Development SMART, working especially in the field of Volunteer Centre Rijeka as one of the biggest and significant programmes of SMART. She is especially involved in trainings for volunteer involving organisations and volunteers. For the past few years, she especially worked with organizations which work or plan to involve volunteers in their organizations (organizations in the field of social care, schools, culture, ecology, sport, youth, etc.). She also participated in activities providing technical assistance and consultations in the field of volunteer management, implementing quality standards and in activities related to continuous reflection and implementation of programme activities, such as training/conference aimed at strengthening the capacity of organizations.

Marta Hauser_photo (1)Marta Hauser, 34 years old, a graduate in psychology. For the past eight years actively involved in the work of Association for Civil Society Development SMART – Volunteer Centre Rijeka, working on a position of a volunteer centre manager and trainer in the field of volunteering. In SMART she is dealing with activities related to promotion of volunteering and brokerage between organizations and citizens interested in volunteering, providing technical assistance and consultations related to the development of volunteer programmes in a variety of organizations – civil society organizations, institutions, schools, etc., implementing training for volunteers and volunteer involving organizations, assistance and consultations in the process of implementation of quality standards, administrative tasks, information dissemination through social media and websites.  Also, her activities include implementation and reporting on various projects funded by the European Union related to volunteering and civil society development (inclusive volunteering, volunteering to better one’s employability and skills, school volunteering etc).


Monika_BełdowskaMonika Bełdowska – Trainer of soft skills, facilitator and coach working with groups and people in process of professional and life change. Creates and implements educational projects for NGOs, business and local communities. Specializes in team building, non-financial motivation, coaching, facilitating and project management trainings. Certified trainer of the Association of NGO Trainers and a certified facilitator of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF)

For 15 years she has been developing and implementing projects related to the volunteering, in particular volunteering in Social Welfare Centers (OPS) supporting coordinators, as trainer and facilitator, in their work with volunteers.

JelenaJelena Kamenko Mayer is a volunteerism development programme manager in the Volunteer centre Osijek which was established with a mission to inspire and support active participation of citizens, development of volunteerism and civil society. After she graduated at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb, first she started to volunteer in the Volunteer centre Osijek where she was employed later. She completed a postgraduate specialist studies on managing the local and regional government development at the Faculty of Law in Osijek, Croatia. She has been active in the field of volunteerism and civil society development for 12 years through programme development and management, promotion of volunteerism, preparation and implementation of educational workshops for volunteers and volunteer hosting organizations, working with volunteers, strengthening capacities of volunteer hosting organisations in setting up effective volunteer programmes, providing information and consultations, organising volunteer actions and manifestations, research, writing publications and handbooks and also managing projects funded by EU in different areas of volunteering (developing school volunteering, encouraging innovative social projects that involve volunteers in eastern part of Croatia, inclusive volunteering, raising employability through volunteering, employee volunteering, etc).


lejlaLejla Šehić Relić (born 1971) founder and managing director of the regional  Volunteer Centre Osijek, president of executive board  of Croatian Volunteer Development Centre, committed civil society leader and activist since 2003, expert for the development of volunteerism and community development programs, mentor for the implementation of quality insurance system for non-profit organizations, trainer and consultant for organizational development and development of quality volunteer programs in non-profit organizations. Lejla holds university degree in public administration. For the past 20 years she has been active in the development of public policy in favour to  ​​civil society and volunteerism in Croatia. In the period 2012-2014 Lejla was president of the Croatian National Council for the development of volunteerism. She is the co-author of several publications on volunteering, civil society and conflict management.



Emese Marosszéki started to work on the development of volunteerism in 2002  as Program Manager at LIFE TREE Association, Debrecen, Hungary. She was the founder and leader of the Volunteer Center in Debrecen between 2005-2015. As copartner of ÖKA she was participating in several programs as like: the long term volunteering project (ÖTLET), the National Volunteer Strategy of Hungary, SO-VOL project. Working with several non-profit organisations as volunteer management, coordinator and volunteer trainer. Emese is trained as a social worker, social politician, and supervisor. She is working as an external trainer at Károli Gáspár University, Supervisor  Faculty.



Judit Kertész is an experienced strategy consultant professional and a designjudit-portrait thinking enthusiast. Judit has 10+ years of experience in management consulting working for KPMG Advisory and in several projects as a freelancer. In the past years she has been working with multidisciplinary teams from all over Europe including Erasmus+ projects in the field of education. In 2017 she co-founded Frontíra as one of the first independent strategy design consultancies in Hungary with a strong focus on customer-centric service innovation. Judit has MSc in Economics and a postgraduate degree in Creativity Ecology.

akos-portraitÁkos Csertán is a versatile interactive design / creative problem solving expert with 11 years experience with products both local and global, interested in the field of digital innovation, ergonomics, and the ever-thinner barriers between the digital and physical world. He is the co-founder of Frontíra Strategic Consultancy, an instructor and researcher at IxD Lab at MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design). Ákos has MA in Psychology and he is a PhD candidate in design theory at MOME.









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